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About The Exams Exam Manuals & Study Guides Preparing for the Exam Re-Testing Payment & Refunds Certification & Recognition

About The Exams

When will exam schedules be posted?
The 2016 CPAR and Advance CPAR certification Program will begin July 1st, 2016 at which time you can purchase a manual and schedule an exam date. Please check back then for any further updates.

How many questions are on the exams?
There are 100 questions on the CPAR exam.
There are 50 questions on each Specialty Advance CPAR exam.

What is a passing score on the exams?
The CPAR passing score is 70 out of 100 questions.
The Advance CPAR passing score is 35 out of 50 questions per Specialty exam.

How long are the exams?
You have 180 minutes to complete the CPAR exam.
You have 120 minutes to complete each Specialty section of the Advance CPAR exam.

Do I have to be currently working in the health care industry to take the exams?
There are no pre-qualifiers for taking the CPAR exam. You do not have to work in health care. You do have to be a CPAR graduate to qualify to sit for the Advanced CPAR Specialty exams.

Will I be able to skip questions and then go back later to answer them?
Yes. The exam will present each question and allow you to save an answer or skip it until later. After viewing all of the exam questions once, you will be shown all of your questions and answers again for review. You can then choose to change an existing answer or enter an answer to a question you previously skipped before submitting your exam for scoring.

Is it an open book exam?
No. It is not an open book exam so you do not need to bring your manual with you.

How long after taking the exam will I receive my result?
Immediately. Upon completing the exam, your results will be available for review in your student account under
My Account > Exam Results.


Exam Manuals & Study Guides

Is the online study material just a manual that you study on your own?
Yes. These are self study certifications.

How many pages are in the manual?
The number of pages varies year to year due to revisions. These manuals are available in a PDF print format after you have paid.

Can I purchase an exam manual separately?
No. Your registration fee covers the Manual and study guides.  Once you have purchased the Manual you can schedule an exam at no additional cost.  When you purchase the Manual you will be able to download in the Schedule Exams section once you have logged into your account. If you only want the manual then you can simply bypass scheduling the exam and download the manual.

How do I download the manual once I have purchased my exam?
After purchasing an exam, select the [Schedule] button. Your manual is available in the scheduling section. You should download your manual and schedule your exam as your first step.


Preparing for the Exam

Can I study the past year’s study information and pass the CPAR and Advance CPAR exam?
Study information is revised each year; therefore, studying an out-of-date manual could limit your success if you do not also study the current material when it is available.

What part of the study information will be on the exams?
The CPAR and Advance CPAR exam questions will be taken from the entire CPAR and Advance CPAR Manual. The practice exams are meant to familiarize you with how questions are asked on the test and to help you determine if your study habits are working. A few practice exam questions may be on the actual exam.

How should I use the CPAR manual and practice exams?
CPAR manual and study guides by chapter are available for downloading in your student account. You may also take the associated chapter practice exams at any time. You may take the practice exams up to 20 times each. Best practice has proven that you should study the entire manual, chapter by chapter, then test your learning by taking the practice exams. The practice exams show you how the CPAR exam questions are formatted.

If I only study from the practice exams, will I pass the exam?
Since practice exams only address a minor portion of the study material, it would be extremely difficult to pass the exam without studying from the full study manual.

How long will it take me to study the material?
The CPAR material is extensive and covers the full range of revenue cycle operations, and will take several months of focused learning.

What should I bring to the exam?
A picture ID is the only requirement.

How early should I arrive before the exam?
20-30 minutes before your exam. Sign in is open one hour in advance of the exam start time. We start on time.



Can I take a re-test exam this year since I did not pass last year?
Re-test exams are only available for students who pay and take the exam in the current year. For example:
Scenario #1: You pay and take the exam in October, 2013, but you did not pass. In June, 2014, the new exam and study guide are available. You must pay the full fee in 2014 to take the exam and obtain the study information.
Scenario #2: You pay and take the exam in October, 2013, but you did not pass. You register to take a re-test in November, 2013. You can pay for the re-test in November, 2013.

How much does it cost to take a re-test exam?
CPAR re-test exams are currently $29
Advance CPAR re-test exams are currently $25


Payment & Refunds

If my employer does not offer to pay for my exam, can I still register as an individual?
Absolutely. Individuals can register and pay themselves. In fact, this is what most students do.

What if my credit card is not accepted when I pay online?
On the payment page, the cardholder name and address must match with the card number.  The payment information is handled entirely separate from the registration information. (The student registration information can be different than the payment information.) If your transaction cannot be processed, it is most likely because the payment processor is not able to match the cardholder name, address, and card number that are submitted from the payment page.  All of the payment information must be consistent with the cardholder.

Where do I mail a check payment for my exam(s)?
The check mailing address is provided on your registration confirmation after you have gone through the payment process and selected pay by check. We would prefer that you pay for your exam using our secure online credit card payment system but if you would rather pay for your exam(s) by check then please mail checks written to:
Georgia. HFMA
4506 N. Slope Circle
Marietta, GA 30066

If I end up not taking the exam after I have paid, can I receive a refund or credit?
No refunds or credits will be given. The study material is provided as part of the fee along with the exam.


Certification & Recognition

Will this certification be recognized outside of Georgia?
All healthcare facilities in Georgia recognize this certification, however, each organization does not recognize in the same manner. For example, some hospitals require this certification at time of hiring or within a certain time period. Because the Georgia HFMA certifications are so well known throughout the United States, especially the Southeast, organizations in other states may see this certification as valuable. However, this certification does not have any connection to other state's certification programs.

How long does my certification stay active?
CPAR and Advance CPAR are certifications that you will always have, without any additional testing or educational hours.

Can I get my certificate replaced?
Yes. Replacement Certificates for CPAR, CFC, and ACPAR can be purchased for $5.00. Send an email indicating your name, the type of certification, the year of your graduation, and the name of your employer at that time. This information helps us validate your certification. You will receive an email response as to where to send your check.

Still have questions?
Click here to send an email.


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