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Certified Patient Account Representative (CPAR)

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The Certified Patient Account Representative Program (CPAR), organized by the Georgia Healthcare Financial Management Association in 1982, equips healthcare financial professionals with the knowledge necessary to be a high achieving member of a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle division.  Students who become a “Certified Patient Account Representative” will not only have the satisfaction of achievement, but an added competitive edge in the healthcare industry.

The CPAR Program is made up of an extensive study manual and a comprehensive exam.  In addition to providing an in-depth study tool for students, the CPAR manual is used throughout the state of Georgia as a training and reference guide for hospital business offices.  The manual covers the revenue cycle from start to finish, with additional focus on payer sources and government regulations.  Each year the CPAR Committee updates the study manual to reflect the current year’s changes that affect the revenue cycle.

In 2007, led by a group of former CPAR Chairpersons, Georgia HFMA moved the paper-based CPAR exam program to an online, web-based program.  This change has drastically reduced the administrative burden for the CPAR Committee, thus allowing a longer testing cycle, more testing locations throughout the state, and immediate test results.

Even though CPAR is a Georgia HFMA based program, each year students from other states who do not have this type program in their state participate in the exam process.  Georgia HFMA also continues to assist other state HFMA chapters in developing their own program.

Important Information

Both the CPAR and Advance CPAR exams are administered through this website so you can use the same "account or profile" to schedule your exams. However, you cannot take both exams on the same day.

CPAR is an annual exam

Each calendar year the CPAR study guides are updated between the months of January through May. Outside of establishing or updating a student profile, no other activity can occur on the website during these months.

Manuals and study guides

The purchase fee is for the Manuals with no additional fee if you choose to schedule an exam. When you purchase a Manual , you will be able to download the associated manual in the Schedule Exams section once you have logged into your account. If you only want the manual then you can simply bypass scheduling the exam and download the manual.

Study information will be available in June

In June each year the website will be updated to allow students to purchase Manuals for that year ONLY.  If you choose to sit for an exam the schedule will be available from August through November. The purchase price also includes access to the downloadable study information for each certification. The Manual fees for each certification program are set annually by Georgia HFMA’s Board of Directors through the budgeting process. Students who do not pass the exam may pay to re-test during that same year. Re-testing fees do not carry over to future calendar years.

Continued education with Advance CPAR

After you are a CPAR graduate, you are eligible to seek an Advance CPAR designation. What is Advance CPAR?

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