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Certified Financial Counselor (CFC)

Total Questions Passing Score Time to Complete
50 70%
35 / 50


Exam/Manual* $75.00
Re-Test $25.00
* Exam manual is included with exam purchase


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The Certified Financial Counselor program, organized by the Georgia Healthcare Financial Management Association in 2005, equips healthcare financial professionals with the tools and skills necessary to locate funding, secure payment and funding sources, and determine the best financial solution available for patients, with a focus on the underinsured and uninsured.  By providing training and access to financial solutions, Certified Financial Counselors promote the utilization of critical thinking skills, a friendly and helpful personality, social worker approach, and the treatment of all patients with dignity and respect.

The CFC Program is made up of a concise study guide and a straightforward test. CFC is nothing like CPAR, so we’re not talking about months of studying! The study guide offers the most pertinent information in a condensed, no-nonsense format.

Important Information

Both the CPAR and CFC exams are administered through this website so you can use the same “account or profile” to schedule your exams. However, you cannot take both exams on the same day.

CFC is an annual exam

Each calendar year the CFC study guides are updated between the months of January through May. Outside of establishing or updating a student profile, no other activity can occur on the website during these months.

Manuals and study guides

Manuals and study guides are provided as part of your exam registration fee. They are not available separately. When you purchase an exam, you will be able to download the associated manual in the Schedule Exams section once you have logged into your account. If you only want the manual then you can simply bypass scheduling the exam and download the manual.

Study information will be available in June

In June each year the website will be updated to allow students to purchase exams for that year ONLY. An exam schedule will be available from August through November. The purchase price also includes access to the downloadable study information for each certification. The exam fees for each certification program are set annually by Georgia HFMA’s Board of Directors through the budgeting process. Students who do not pass the exam may pay to re-test during that same year. Re-testing fees do not carry over to future calendar years.

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